Hot Shot Pokie Online Explanation

Hotshot pokies are so popular because these games are unique. All our hotshot pokies are supplied by many different suppliers. Hotshot pokies have been converted to online hotshot pokies due to success in the casinos. You can play these online hotshot pokies for free and for money.

Play the Hotshot pokies online for free here to test if you like this pokie machine from HotShots. Hot Shot online pokies turn out well and of course there is also a nice jackpot on this online pokies.

The Hotshot consists of the Basic game and the Top game

When you start the game you start with the Basicgame. Two or more points won can be added to your credit meter with the ‘Collect’-key or moved to 1 of the 8 bank meters with the ‘Save’-key. Use the ‘Gamble’ key to double your prize until you have over 100 credits. 200 credits are automatically moved to the credit meter. Credits from the various bank meters can always be selected using the ‘Choose Bank’ key and moved to the credit meter using the ‘Collect’ key.

In the basic game you play on 1 payline, with the exception of the crown symbol, which is criss-crossed. An autoholl function is built in to lock certain combinations, the ‘Reset’ key allows you to release locked reels.

When the Topgame can Begin

If you have four or more points on 1 or more of the 4 bank meters, then you can play the Topgame. For this purpose, 1 credit is taken from your credit meter to the bank meter with the lowest credit (from right to left). By manually selecting the Topgame with the ‘Choose Game’-key you can also transfer individual credits to the bank meters. You can choose your bet for the topgame, 5, 10 or 20 credits. The higher the bet, the higher the payout on a winning combination.

For the topgame, 5, 10 or 20 credits are always taken from the bank meters, most of the meters with the highest total of points. Credits won in the Topgame are distributed proportionally to the bet per meter. When 200 credits or more are placed on a meter, those credits are automatically moved to the credit meter. There is no limit to the number of credits per bank meter. If you have less than 100 points in total on the bank meters, the ‘Choose Game’ button allows you to choose the Basic Game at any time.

The Most Attractive of the Topgame

The most attractive game element in the Topgame is the shooting function. Depending on the stakes and the criss-cross combination of HotShot symbols, you can shoot up to 3 times at prizes. This shooting is done with the ‘Start’ key.